Born and raised in the vast terrain of New Mexico, I have grown to admire the large, open, painted skies and sunsets of the great South West.

Not long after graduating at the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver, I eventually migrated over to the beautiful East Coast.  After spending a few years working for advertising agencies, I began an extensive freelance career throughout the decade of the nineties and beyond.

Sharpening my airbrush skills was a prelude to obtaining a Macintosh computer in 1998.  I loved it!  There was so much to indulge into.  I eventually found myself at a 3D Animation studio called Out of Our Minds, doing what I loved to do; applying my designs and illustrations to the 3D environments.

But the creative juices never end. The designs and artwork on this site are just the beginning of a new turn to this wonderful digital era we are living in. Having gone back to school to get a degree in Web Design and Multimedia Technologies, I am now exploring all digital media in my attempt to satisfy my creative quest.

If you have any questions regarding my services, you can contact me at 336.251.4946 or e-mail me at